EC Strategic Programs

True to our core values, EC sponsors innovation by some of Australia’s most dynamic enterprises. We research and actively engage partners in Aerospace, Defence, Safety & Security, Knowledge Engineering, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Transportation, Duty of Care, Government, and Human Capital. EC sponsorship focuses on improved access to global markets, business planning, IP creation, capital raising and corporate growth strategy under the Executive Trust™ banner.

By collaborating with senior decision makers and technologists, EC Strategic Programs are tailored to deliver:

  • New opportunities to develop and prototype in Australia new concepts at the prototype and pre-production stage
  • Stimulated interest by private and institutional investors in worthwhile R&D and production to meet the needs of emerging markets
  • Expanded domestic and export markets for Australian know-how and intellectual property
  • Collaboration among go-to-market channels able to take high-value innovation to production and mass markets

The following EC Executives can be contacted on the respective programs.

Canberra Executive:
Errol Kruger +61 (0) 414 246 302

Sydney Executive:
Greg Greeley +61 (0) 411 430 810 or Mark Langdon +61 (0) 410 602 797

Albury Executive:
Dean Olsen+61 (0) 419 136 722