Enterprise Clarity’s proven brands and methodologies are:

  • Enterprise Thinking
    Enterprise Thinking is a proven management service to extend and develop the strategy, operational and transition effectiveness of your highly valued team members. In the planning phase, you gain advanced analysis of business direction, based on creative thinking, self-assessment and strategy evaluation, business owners gain visibility into which drivers to leverage for pinnacle performance. Execution services assure critical parts of the organisation perform at their peak through mentoring, re-skilling and advanced evaluation techniques focused on social network-technology-function performance, aligning workforce (skills) and infrastructure (capacity) for optimal risk-return.
  • EC i2M
    (EC’s rigorous Due Diligence Process for assessing your business)
    Strategic and Advisory Consulting – EC works with Corporates, SME’s and pre-seed, startup  and early phase organisations in reaching business or commercialisation goals. Using our unique business model, we are able to engage with clients to provide the required management resources, develop and implement winning commercialisation strategies and ensure appropriate funding are in place to achieve the desired success and that equity value is realised. By working side by side with you, we share the risks and provide valuable access to our resources and networks in establishing businesses locally, in Asia Pacific or on a global basis.

  • EC Value Edge
    (EC’s process for aligning product to market and defining brand and crystal a clear value proposition)
    Re-Focus Capability on Opportunities of Greatest Value – EC can help define the performance improvement projects and strategic initiatives of greatest benefit to your enterprise. ValueEdge™ assesses today’s core competencies, the priorities in your control to bolster those competencies, and the priorities that will prepare your team for a more certain and successful future. ValueEdge™ recognises the needs of every organisation are different (whether start-up, government, corporate or SME). EC assures real insight into business trends, skills and directions suited to current strategy, including an execution focus to tie strategy to results.

  • EC Sales Turbo
    (EC’s tool-set to boost your sales and marketing energy and performance)
    Sales and Marketing – EC offers practical, hands on and experiential knowledge to fledgling companies. We help clients define the conditions for success by setting strategies within our gv2r™ [ a go-to-market methodology ] model that offers unsurpassed value. Backing these strategies, EC gives you the choice of mentor-based development of internal sales people, or for you to outsource the sales and marketing effort to EC’s own resource. Incidentally, all of the EC founders partake in outsourced client functions, to ensure consistence and value delivery.

  • EC Smart Alliancing
    (EC methodologies that create clarity in the market engagement models and evaluation of company maturity for greatest leverage)
    Alliancing – Getting every element of your enterprise working for your success – people, technology, knowledge, finance and markets. Foreseeing the difficulties and conflicts before they become threats and impediments to success. Our SmartAlliancing™ program underpins the strategy to build vendor to vendor alliances or client to company relationships. Powerful processes and experience combine to build leveraged business relationships that focus on multiple outcomes. Alliancing is a way of working on successful win-win scenarios to improve the business and its bottom line.

  • EC Executive Trust
    (EC’s integrated process for ensuring early phase and start-ups are market and fund ready)
    Funding, Turnarounds, Operational Management – Planning and Implementation. Evaluate and market test sources of external funds suited to business cash requirements, thus facilitating effective participation and buy-in of stakeholders essential to your success. We work in generating the right level of investment, the right type of investor and ensure that your business is Investment Ready. We are able to work in conjunction with many of the sources of capital and provide you with a head-start in capital management. Our experience covers, Government Grants, Angel Investment, Private Equity, Seed Capital, Strategic Investors, Institutional Investment and IPO’s. EC has a unique Incubator process that is designed to leverage pre-seed and start-up opportunities and generate early market traction.

  • EC Velocity 
    (EC’s business mentoring, innovation and incubation arm)
    Innovation & Incubation – EC aims to innovate, practice and deliver value to our clients, as such we recognise the latent and unrealised opportunity that exists in organisations. Working with the obvious potential within your products and services, we work toward defining true value bringing about the transformation of perceptions necessary for that potential to realise full value in markets of great opportunity. We believe that IP is your greatest asset alongside the potential of your management team. EC take a hands on approach in your business using well proven EC methodologies such as i2m™ and our experience to unleash the potential of your business. i2m™ is EC’s innovative incubation process which is designed to leverage the market opportunity whilst creating a robust business model.