Greg Greeley:

Greg is a leading motivator, strategist and mentor of businesses from start-up through to enterprise level. With over 30 years in senior executive roles preceded by sales and marketing of complex solutions, Greg helps business owners and operators gain control to make fully informed choices of commercial objectives, growth targets, and conversion of success to the balance sheet. A specialist in research and development of strategic options for timely consideration, Greg is skilled in matching the business to revenue and capital raising opportunities. Greg guides the quantification of the business case and rationale for action, building Brand Equity Value through recognition of Intellectual Property. Other skills include strong domain knowledge of government and R+D sources, capital markets, and qualification of ‘beach-heads’ allowing early market traction.

Errol Kruger:

Errol directs and evolves many of EC’s strategic programs, as a tangible way to assist enterprises of all shapes and sizes to identify and overcome barriers to better performance. With 25 years relevant experience, Errol works with organisations to seed interest in making wise choices concerning innovation, including prioritising the development and execution of new technologies, and ensuring decision makers are fully apprised of the business justification for R&D. Errol’s strong executive-level communication skills assure high quality strategies are developed. Specialist knowledge in the development of the business cases and market collaterals, mean EC clients successfully bridge the ‘divide’ between sales hype and contract execution. The EC team of which Errol is part, thus brings demonstrable expertise to EC clients seeking the momentum that comes through clear insight into the drivers that leverage superior understanding of enterprise goals, market direction and buyer preference.